Bowflex Selecttech 552: The Best Adjustable Dumbbells For Home Gym (My Review)

Bowflex Selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbellsAdjustable WeightsWhat are the Selecttech  552 Dumbbells?

Bowflex has always been known for its quality and innovation in products now, they brought us the Selecttech 552 Dumbbell set (adjustable dumbbells):

A complete adjustable dumbbells set , with a quick and comfortable adjustment mechanism, that now makes you capable of…

selecting the weight that you want, without picking 20 different dumbbells to view the gains you want.

dumbbell full routine Why are the Selecttech 552 very practical and efficient?

I really liked these dumbbells, because of all the perks that come using them, for example:

  • With these dumbbells, you can save room for other equipment due to the space typical dumbbells occupy.
  • You can say goodbye to the annoying amount of dumbbells that clog your workout space.
  • With the durable molding they have included around plates of metal, the lifts are smoother and quieter without changing any metal plate.
  • It’s very easy to change weights quickly.

Using a unique dial system…

It combines 15 sets of weights into only one set. The weight for each one can be adjusted from 5 lbs up to 52.2 lbs per each dumbbell, which can provide you a better workout routine experience.

You’ll be able to change the weight of the dumbbell in 2.5-lb increments up to the first 25 lbs.

And with the much wider weight range, you can do any heavy exercises you can imagine, such as lunges shrugs as well lighter ones like raises and curls.

adjustable dumbbell dial system

Includes Bonus e-book and DVD workout, for beginners!

dvd workoutAvoid paying for individual dumbbells with a simple weight that cost you a ton of money.

Stop paying a membership and star now your gym at home, this is a product you won’t regret to buy, saving you a lot of money over the years.

Two year warranty on weight plates and parts

What others say about the Selecttech  552 Adjustable Dumbbells…

“Was hesitant to buy this for quite a while because of the price. They went on sale one day for about $280 so I decided, “What the heck!” I am SO glad I finally pulled the trigger on these. I have had them for over a year now and they are still going strong… no wear/tear notable. I use these every single workout too. I will probably be buying a second set at some point for my wife. I honestly can’t recommend these enough!” Paul Jones

“I had my eyes on Bowflex weights for years, wondering why they never dropped in price. After finally breaking down and buying a set, I can see why. I can also assert, with full confidence, that they are well worth the investment.

The product quality is amazing. They just seem like they’re going to last forever, even with minimal care on my end. Their functionality is satisfying smooth, alternating weight with minimal ease.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever bought. Some friends came over, and now two of them have also purchased these after seeing them in action. Try to pay the lowest price you can, but even full retail would be well worth it. I wish I had pulled the trigger on these a long time ago.” Drew Ortiz

“I don’t have the space or money to have a complete home gym, or to buy individual dumbbells. I like that this takes up minimal space, and it is super easy to adjust the weight. No unscrewing and adding weight plates – just click to the desired weight and pull up. Super simple.

This has transformed my morning workout routine vastly. I am definitely feeling a lot stronger having used these dumbbells. Yes they are a little pricey, which is what kept me from buying them a while ago.

But having spent (wasted) a lot of money on smaller sets with smaller weight plates, I wish I had just gotten these in the first place. Just a reminder – the combined weight of this set over 100 pounds, so you may need some assistance getting this in your house and to the desired room you wish to store it in. (Or just tumble it end-over-end like I did, down my hallway, to my exercise room.)” Bobby D. 

Final Thoughts… Are They Worth It?

Yes, absolutely!

save money in dumbbellsIf you want to start your gym at home, exercise a muscle in specific after you hit the gym, workout from time to time, this product is perfect for you…

Not only because it saves space, but also you save money not buying general and single weight dumbbells.

A home workout couldn’t be so easier having these adjustable dumbbells!

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5

==> Get your Adjustable Selecttech  552 Dumbbells in this link & also receive a special DVD with exercises


-Abel Jones

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