Best Adjustable Weight Bench: XM-7630 Adjustable FID Weight Bench (My Review)

adjustable weight benchWhat Is The XMark Adjustable FID Weight Bench?

XMark Fitness is a company specialized in creating home gym products, always with a great quality. On this occasion, I come to make a review of what I consider the best adjustable weight bench in the market.

A bench that is much more than just any product. It offers great comfort when performing the exercises. In addition, it’s very resistant and durable, thanks to the materials with which it is made of.

It helps to save space, because it’s fast and simple storage thanks to its built-in wheels.

What Makes It The Best Adjustable Weight Bench?

best adjustable weight bench

Of all the benches I’ve tried in my time as a bodybuilder, this is the one that I’ve loved the most. And here are the reasons why I think it’s the best weight bench:

  1. It’s Heavy Duty Use: After using it several months, it still keeps like new. Considering it’s used almost every day, in my opinion that gives me the impression that it will last long.
  2. Very Comfortable: It has a Duracraft padding with 3” of thick, and Duraguard vynil, resistant of sweat and tear.
  3. It Has A Foot Hold Down Bar: It makes things a lot easier when you want to do exercises in which you move a lot. An example could be abdominal exercises.
  4. Very Practical: Unlike banks like the Mercy flat weight bench, this folding weight bench is very handy. It allows me to perform many more exercises, which I limited to other banks.

Incredible Weight Capacity

You no longer need to worry about whether the adjustable weight bench will be damaged or will simply break. You can use the weights you want, regardless of whether you are beginner or advanced.

This adjustable weight bench can support up to a total weight of 1500 lbs; I know, it’s impressive. Of all the folding weight benches that I’ve tried, this is by far one of the most resistant in terms of weight.

folding weight benchErgonomically Designed For Any Exercise

Thanks to its design, you can adjust your comfortable back pad in 7 different positions. And its seat in 3 different positions.

It allows performing exercises such as lying chest press, incline rows, or shoulder press completely straight.

What Others Say About The XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench…

“I love it. Heavy enough to give great stability. Light enough with wheels to move around in and out of my rack system when needed.
Adjusts quickly from flat, incline to decline bench, flyes, presses. ect…
I can also use the foot holds for crunches, leg lifts, or sit on top for negative crunches. ect…” D. Schlott

“I bought this about 6 months ago after deciding to put a home gym together. I purchased a used power rack, weights, olympic bar, etc. But I couldn’t find a used bench or dip station that I was happy with (i.e. very heavy duty).

“So I ended up buying both of these from xmark. The metal on these is definitely heavy duty and I feel comfortable benching 405 on the bench and doing dips with 135# hanging from my belt. My only complaint (and it’s minor) is that I’ve had to tighten the nuts going into the seat and back several times. If you’re putting one of these together I suggest using some threadlock (medium strength) when you put these in to save you this trouble.” Paul Frost

“I have one word for this bench – sturdy! When I bought it about 10 months ago, I spent a lot of time evaluating my options (as I always do) as I wanted best value for my money.

a) The shipping was quick, assembly was easy (not quick) with the instructions that the manufacturer/seller provided.
b) None of the assembly parts were missing.
c) I stand at 6 ft and I can easily rest my head on the seat.
d) Cushion is thick, comfortable enough to support the user and didn’t deteriorate so far (after 10 months of usage).
e) It is a heavy bench and the wheels make it easier to move around.
f) It didn’t smell bad when arrived and it doesn’t smell bad now.

When it comes to exercise equipment, I like to invest in products that are durable and so far, it looks like I will be using this bench for years to come.” A.J.

best weight benchFinal Thoughts… Is It Worth It?

If you want to have high quality equipment that will easily last for years and years, I highly recommend this investment.

It’s so comfortable that if my wife ran me out of the room I could sleep in it easily … seriously!

You will be able to start your gym at home without problems, and you’ll save a few bucks with time.

Make sure to keep it clean, that way will last you much longer. I wipe a damp cloth over the surface to remove any trace of sweat. Also make sure wipe off the dust it could have.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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-Abel Jones

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