Best Jump Rope For Training: RAPIDE Jump Rope (My Review)

best jump ropeWhat Is The RAPIDE Jump Rope?

Rapide Fitness is a new fitness brand that combines functional and aesthetic design in their variety of products and now they brought us the best jump rope…

Which in my opinion is one of the best speed jump ropes I’ve ever had in all my years of experience.

If you want to improve your performance when it comes to training, then this professional jumping rope is perfect for you.

Why Is The Best Jump Rope For You?

This jump rope has been designed with high quality materials, allowing an average of 10-15% more jumps per minute than other strings (tested experimentally in a number of athletes).

Complement your workout, whether is cardio, crossfit or bodybuilding, which you can do from the gym or even home.

Here are some of the benefits this speed jump rope offers:

speed jump rope1. Completely Adjustable For Your Needs

With two easily adjustable 10 ft. Long, 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm thick cables and firm anti-slip grip handles for greater comfort and better control in use…

Rapide Fitness makes the best professional jump rope on the market today.

So no matter how tall you are, you can adjust its length by cutting its excess, although if others will use it, then better leave the rest.

2. Very Lightweight and Portable

Never stop training, either because you can’t go to the gym because you’re traveling or very busy.

Very portable to take it anywhere along with your gym bag and to help get rid of that remaining fat, tone your body and keep your physical condition to the maximum.

best speed jump rope3. Optimized For Your Improvement

As mentioned, this advanced jumping rope has been tested on a large panel of athletes from different disciplines, and on average could make 10% to 15% more jumps per minute than with a regular jump rope.

It features a stainless steel ball bearing system, which offer a very fast turning potential. A jump rope for crossfit, boxing, bodybuilding, fitness and more!

4. Comfortable And Practical

You will be able to carry out your exercises with the greatest comfort of the world, thanks to its materials of high quality and it’s designed in a comfortable way for the athlete, facilitating the loss of weight and burning fat quickly.

speed rope crossfit5. Helps Lose Weight Efficiently And Quickly

Rope skipping for rapid weight loss has never been so easy, now you can burn calories, speed up your metabolism and improve your heart rate along with your health, all with the comfort of non-slip handles and a very smooth routine.

Includes Extra Rope And A Carry Bag

heavy jump rope

At the time of purchasing the RAPIDE ™ jump rope, you will be given an extra rope as a spare in case it breaks for any reason (unlikely).

In addition, you will receive a bag where you can carry it wherever you are, and put it together with your training equipment or simply with your belongings.

What Others Say About Rapide Jump Rope…

“These are awesome. Lightweight and super easy to adjust. Also comes with an extra rope as a back up. I ordered two one for me and one for my brother. I am into fitness so it light weight is great for speed jumping. For my brother who is a beginner it’s great for him since it’s easy to adjust the rope to his size. I recommend this for anyone who is looking for a jump rope. It also comes with a cool bag you can pack it in.” Eduardo M.

“This is a great professional jump rope. It easily adjusts so that either my spouse or I can use and quickly adjust to our needs. The handles are wrapped and very comfortable. This is not your kid’s jump rope and I definitely can’t jump like I used to when I was 10. I could go on forever then, but wow, I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I gave this a try! This is going to be a great addition to my cardio workout and something I can so simply do at home. It comes with a nice storage bag so I/we can roll it up and store out of the way or take with us to the gym or park.” Faith M.

“Super sturdy, great looking and easy to use jump rope. I love using this and it is easy to switch colours of the rope. The handles are comfortable and these are generally built to last. Really happy with them overall. Personally I love the yellow cord and its thickness as my preferred chord of the two colours.” Patrick Estanbouli

rogue speed ropeFinal Thoughts… Is They Worth It?

If you want to increase or maintain your fitness, improve your health or lower your fat levels, this professional jump rope is for you.

Not only does it help you perform the exercise, but it also gives you the best training experience that a jump rope can give you, seriously.

Forget about those annoying strings that just don’t feel so smooth and are built with low quality materials, with this rope, I assure you that you will not have any problems.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5

==> Get your RAPIDE Jump Rope in this link & also receive a carry bag with an extra rope

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