Bodybuilding For Beginners: All The Basics

Bodybuilding For Beginners

how to start at bodybuilding?Do you want to know how to start at bodybuilding?

Normally, people start this journey for various reasons…

I’m sure you will have yours as everyone, so if you’re someone who isn’t very familiarized with this sport, i write this post to help you understand the very basics of bodybuilding.

First of all, if you will go to the gym to train, don’t let you intimidate for all the people around you, it’s normal to be kind of nervous, and it doesn’t matter how you look, because you are there for a reason, to improve yourself and change your body.

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build muscle easierWhat is Bodybuilding?

With bodybuilding, development it’s based doing intense activities (called “anaerobic exercise”), which consist in the majority of weightlifting…

whether is a hypertrophy exercise or a strength exercise.

Bodybuilding isn’t just a “hobby”, “activity” or “sport”, it’s more than that, it’s a lifestyle based on constant training, proper food and proper rest.

With bodybuilding, you could gain muscle easier than any other discipline, and a great physique too.

Aspects To Have In Mind…

As a bodybuilder, during the past of time, i’ve come to realize some important things:

  1. Bodybuilding strength Get used to sacrifices: 

    Be saying goodbye to all those pleasures like… junk food, sleeping late, drinking alcohol and more, because you have to learn to discipline to follow a workout routine, strictly diet plan, and rest no less than 8 hours.

  2. There are two ways…:

    In bodybuilding competitions, in almost all categories, a lot of athletes choose the shortcut, using substances that enhance their bodies to obtain more gains in the shortest period of time possible (yes, hormones).

    Also, we have the natural way, which needs longer time to see results, but, the difference is that being under the effect of drugs, you have to be more careful with your meals, rest and exercise, almost every minute of the day; also, it will cost you much more.

    To clarify, both ways are good, is up to you which one will you choose.

  3. Unlike what many say: 

    Bodybuilding can be an affordable activity, in case you didn’t have money for a gym membership or to buy supplements… trust me, it doesn’t matter, because all focuses on the food and nutrition.

    On the other hand, exercise is very important, if you couldn’t get your hands on equipment, you can always do an bodyweight routine (keep in touch with my blog for more information).

  4. This won’t be built overnight: 

    At first, you’ll see how your body improves in matter of weeks, but have in mind always, that that growth will be decreasing with the past of the years, even with your genetics and effort, learn to be patient and don’t despair. At the end of the day, it will worth it.

Workout Plan

In bodybuilding for beginners, the workout plans can depend whether you want to gain muscle or strength.

workout plan

It divides in three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and these workout can be different according to your preference, for example:

  • Full Body Workout Routine
  • Upper-Lower Body Workout Routine
  • Weider Workout Routine
  • Push/Pull Workout Routine

==> Click here to see what kind of workout plan is the best for you

fitness mealNutrition

It’s said that nutrition is the most important part during the day for a bodybuilder, representing up to 90% of your growth, along with your routine and rest.

There are primarily two stages at bodybuilding, and they are “bulking” and “cutting”:

Bulking represents the idea of caloric surplus, in which a person remains consuming more calories than it’s body needs to gain weight…

where this weight is muscle along fat, the amount will depend if you follow exactly your diet plan. You’ll create fat tissue as long as you keep a longer and bigger bulking phase.

The cutting phase entails in calorie deficit, which means that your body will consume less calories than it needs. In this phase, the goal is to use as many fat as possible as an energy supply, preserving as much muscle as possible consuming proteins.

As long as you keep a longer cutting phase, it will increase the risk of losing muscle besides from fat.

==> Click here to know more about nutrition plans

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