List Of The Best Compound Workouts And Exercises

list of compund exercisesWhat Are Compound Exercises?

When we exercise to gain or lose weight we want to make the most of the time we have to train.

A good alternative to the typical “gym workout” that most gym instructors put to beginners are compound exercises…

These allow us to achieve a better muscle development, since they involve several muscles in only one movement, unlike the isolation exercises, which only requires a muscle group.

The Reason You Should Start Doing Them…

In addition, we can’t only group exercises to save time and finish the routine before, but also raise the heart rate and work more intensely each requested muscle while burning more calories.

Of course, in order to obtain the best possible results, it’s necessary to develop a good technique for each of the movements, which by the way, also in this way will avoid unwanted injuries.

compound workoutsCompound Exercises List

The compound workout is perfect for you if you’re a natural bodybuilder. This is because you could have the greatest possible result in the shortest time.

These compound workouts can be done with dumbbells or with bars, the difference is very little, and sometimes only changes in some position.

Compound Exercises For Chest

compound exercises list

  • Bench press
    The lifter lies on his back on a bench, raising and lowering the bar directly above the chest. It’s intended for the development of the chest muscles, anterior deltoids and serratus anterior.

  • Incline Chest Press
    The inclined bench press on the bench doesn’t differ substantially from the flat bench press, in both the work of the upper part of the pecs is involved. The difference is rather in the work of the muscles of the shoulders.
  • Decline Chest Press
    In the declined bench press, the movement path is shorter, allowing you to work with more weight and lift it easily. However, this increases the risk of injury, so it could be considered a double-edged sword. Although the declined bench press on the chest actively works the lower part of the pecs.
  • compound liftsParallel Dips
    Dips are made by grabbing some parallel bars (grip wider to emphasize on the chest, something more tight for triceps), which we are suspended and in which we go up and down flexing elbows.
  • Push-ups
    Basic chest push-ups are an effective way to strengthen your chest and arm muscles, and can easily expand in number as you gain strength. Simple push-ups don’t need any equipment other than your body weight and arms, and can be done in any surface.

Compound Exercises For Back

compound exercises for arms

  • Pull-ups
    It consists of lifting the body as it hangs from a bar of pull-ups; The grip of the bar is pronated (with the palms towards the outside). Starting from the rest position in which the arms are fully stretched, the body is elevated by flexing the arms until the chin overhangs the bar from which it hangs, without raising the legs during the process (strict pull-up).
  • Chin-ups
    It consists of lifting the body as it hangs from a bar of dominated; The grip of the bar is supinated (that is, that the palms of the hands look towards one). In this case, the movement it’s the same, but it works more the biceps than the back.
  • Seated Cable Row
    Works almost all the muscles of the upper part of the body: the dorsal muscles of the back, the arms, the shoulder region and the lower back (lumbar region). In addition, the legs are exercised indirectly.

  • exercise to gain weightBench Row (One Arm)
    This exercise contributes to both the amplitude and the density of the back; Involving the dorsal width, rhomboids, major round and trapezoid. Each arm works independently. In this exercise, the arm is stronger with the neutral grip, allowing you to opt for a heavier load.
  • Deadlift
    Dead weight is one of the exercises that gives more for less, and involves a large number of muscles. Virtually all the muscles of the back, abs, thighs and buttocks. This exercise is considered as the best to give back thickness, providing a great stimulation of the erector spine muscle.

Compound Exercises For Legs

compound exercises

  • Squat
    The squat, is the king of the exercises, being possibly the best exercise for leg that exists, but also one of the most complex..

You work less the quadriceps, but being able to maintain a more compact position in general, you lift more weight.

  • Front Squat
    The front squat puts special emphasis on strengthening the quadriceps muscles. By moving the bar towards the front part of the body, the relative amount of muscle load that occurs in certain muscle zones changes. Unlike the normal squat, the tension in the back and in the abdominal core will be much greater, so the tension that we must generate in them have to be large.
  • Overhead Squat
    This is one of the most complicated types of exercises that exist, since they require a great technical capacity to be able to dominate them. The transfer that can contribute to improve the previous squats is also great that allow us to work the legs in a different way, since the angle at which the bar is placed is so atypical that it’s difficult to find a Similar exercise.
  • best compound exercisesLunge 
    Lunges are an exercise mainly intended for the work of the lower train, requesting mainly legs and glutes. The muscles of the leg are mainly worked on the thigh or quadriceps.
  • Deadlift
    As mentioned before, work the entire upper back, lower back, trapezius, shoulders, hamstrings, buttocks, quadriceps … and many more muscles.
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
    The Bulgarian squat, is one of the best unilateral exercises there is to gain muscle mass in the legs. When done well, this movement is devastating for the quadriceps. To increase muscular size, it’s fundamental that we do them with dumbbells, because with body weight will arrive a moment that doesn’t suppose any limitation.

Compound Exercises For Arms

best compound workouts

  • Chin-ups
    Chin-ups are perfect for you if you want to develop rus biceps and triceps, you can either perform them with your body weight or add extra weight.
  • Close-grip Bench Press
    In this type of bench press, the grip occurs at a distance smaller than the width of the shoulders. Most of the tension of the movement falls on the triceps, unlike the standard bench press.
  • Dips
    In this case, the dips can be done by just using your body weight, or with an additional belt, that will help you developing your muscle.
  • best compound workouts for bodybuildingExtensions
    The vertical extensions of arms with dumbbells are a very efficient exercise for the development of the arms.


  • Pull-ups
    As already mentioned, pull-ups strengthen several muscle groups, and within these you will find the arms, although if you are looking to work the latter more convenient to perform the chin-ups, because they predict a better development.

Compound Exercises For Shoulders

  • compound exercises to build muscleMilitary Press
    The military press consist to lift the weight with the shoulders above the head. Although there are variants in front of the face, it’s usually done behind the head. You can perform sitting or standing, you work the upper body, especially the shoulders.
  • Push press
    The push press differs from the military press in that when lifting the bar above your shoulders, a small movement is made in the legs, so that momentum can be performed and more weight can be lifted.

compound exercises for bodybuilding

  • Shoulder Push-up
    Shoulder flexions can result in a great deal of difficulty if we are not used to it, but as time passes, we can develop large shoulders as long as it’s constant.


Compound lifts should be done correctly if you want to get the best possible results. It’s a matter of being constant with the exercises and also perfect the technique of each one of them, or at least make it the best possible, because that way also avoid injuries.

It’s necessary to be patient to see the fruit of the training.

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