Male Body Types: Different Somatotypes

Male Body Typesbody typeHave You Ever Wonder What Type Of Body Do You Have?

It’s very important to be able to identify and understand what is our type of body. Different types of bodies require different types of workout and diet plans.

“Somatotypes”, this is the word designated for types of bodies that the human being has.

The somatotype is a categorization, developed in the 40’s by the psychologist William Herbert Sheldon.

Is determined by many factors like metabolism, bone structure, muscle mass, and tendencies to accumulate fat.

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What Are The Different Somatotypes (Male Body Types)?

The majority of professionals classify the three types of somatotypes in: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. But…

There is a high probability that a person doesn’t fit exactly in these categories given any body type, which means that your body is high likely to not be completely ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph.

You could be a combination of two somatotypes, or even three, it all depends on your physiognomy.

endomorphEndomorph Body Type

The endomorphic individual, has a tendency to overweight because of the slow metabolism. They use to be above the average weight of the population…

And talking about bodybuilding, this means that they have to be more careful with their diets and follow it strictly, also, do more aerobic exercise, to keep their fat levels low (yes, more cardio).

But, not everything is bad, because they have the advantage of gaining more weight faster, with the proper training, it can be built more muscle and strength easier.


  • Easier muscle gains
  • Can acquire giant physic
  • Easier strength gains
  • Faster weight gains


  • Round and soft body
  • Majority of gains are fat (if care is not taken)
  • Slow metabolism
  • Harder to lose weight

Ectomorph Body Type

ectomorph body

The ectomorphic individual has a tendency to be skinny because of the fast metabolism, which doesn’t allow to take advantage of ingested food. Also, they have thin bone structure with long extremities as well. 

They use to be below the average weight of the population…

Which in terms of bodybuilding, the diet hasn’t to be as strict as the endomorph diet, and not even to do aerobic exercise  to maintain their bodies with low fat.

But, the biggest inconvenience is the difficult to gain just weight (fat and muscle). Every lb of muscle has to be acquired with a lot of discipline to follow the diet and workout routines.


  • Can have lean muscle mass
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Low Fat
  • Can lose weight easier


  • Difficulty to gain weight
  • Fragile body
  • A lot of calories to gain weight

mesomorph bodyMesomorph Body Type

The mesomorphic individual is on a point between the previous type of bodies. Those who have this type of body can acquire an athletic figure easier than anyone.

Their growth is more balanced, which means that they can develop more lean muscle mass and toning than a endomorph, but more fat than a ectomorph.

They don’t have to be as strict as the other type of somatotypes with their trainings and diets, but still they have to take of their diets, because they are not exempt from gaining fat.

In bodybuilding, few person have completely this type of body, i would say according to my experience around a 1% of bodybuilders. Their genetics let them achieve great bodies in shortest time than it would take to any other type of individual.


  • Athletic body
  • Easier muscle gains
  • Can lose weight easier
  • Faster definition


  • Gain weight with some ease

What Type Of Body Do I Have?


As i said before, it’s almost impossible to fit 100% into one somatotype, since almost everyone of us are a combination of different types. These combinations are ectomorph/mesomorph or mesomorph/endomorph (in most cases).

For last thing, i want to mention that it doesn’t matter what type of body you have at the time of getting result, because even the skinnier of everyone can become into a massive giant with the proper training and diets.

It won’t be easy to do it, but at the end of the day it’ll worth it 100%, so be pacient for your result and never give up!

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