Muscle Growth Supplements

build muscleAre You Looking For Build Muscle?

In bodybuilding, an efficient muscle growth is necessary to achieve the goals that you propose.

Sometimes,  nutrition and rest and training isn’t enough to get the results you want because of many factors that prevent your progress (not that isn’t possible).

Or simply you wish you had an additional help to make the progress you want, because it would make things a little less difficult.

With this article, I’ll tell you different ways you can improve your progress in certain ways, using natural products that will improve your performance.

muscle growth supplementsWhat Is A Supplement?

Supplements are substances that have as a function increase or complement some of the nutrients that we acquire through the food we eat daily. Because some people don’t get all the nutrients they need in their food and therefore they turn to food supplements.

And since in bodybuilding everything is about of following the diet exactly as it is, fulfilling the calorie intake, sometime can be difficult to do it, therefore…

in these types of cases the supplements apply very well; or when you’re about to do your training routine for muscle building or weight loss, and you don’t feel the energy to do it.

These products aren’t for:

  • Treat, cure or prevent symptoms of any disease.
  • Lose weight, fight obesity or overweight.
  • Of aphrodisiac use

Do All Muscle Growth Supplements Work?

Many of the supplements that are marketed don’t provide what they promise, and this is because in the majority of the cases the products are patronised by professional bodybuilders, with great physics, which is impossible to accomplish without the use of hormones that alternate the body.

Since this is directed to natural bodybuilders, according to my experiences, i’m going to talk about supplements that i’ve used and that i know that help in your performance and progress.

multivitamins for bodybuildingMultivitamins Or Mineral Compounds

Supplementing with vitamins or multivitamins will help eliminate the possibility of deficiencies result of a diet or calorie intake varied and loss of weight through exercise.

The intake of minerals like zinc and magnesium will  increases your hormone levels, which will improve recovery, sleep and strength.

protein powder for bodybuildingProtein Powder

Although many people are believed to be miraculous and harmful, it is not true at all, it is simply protein obtained from foods of animal or vegetable origin.

The muscles require of it, because they are conformed of protein. It forms an essential part of sports nutrition in general and any bodybuilder needs it in large quantities to obtain good muscle growth.

The perfect way to give the body an extra of it to reach the minimum contribution needed to regenerate the muscle. It does not promise anything, it’s like eating chicken, so it works the same.

Muscle Gain SupplementsGlutamine

It acts as a source of fuel for the immune system, and also acts as an anti-catabolic agent, ie it prevents muscle loss, either by training or by a caloric deficit.

It also helps repair muscle fibers after a workout, as well as protein synthesis.

Best Supplements For Muscle GainBCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Are essential amino acids that must be contributed with the diet.

They provide energy to the muscle in situations of intense exercise, favor the synthesis of protein and prevent the catabolization of the muscle (muscle loss) due to intense exercises.

Muscle Building SupplementsCreatine

It is an organic nitrogenous acid found in muscles and nerve cells. It delays fatigue, helps increase strength and muscle mass and even improves anaerobic exercise like bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.

This compound is generated in small doses by the human body by the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Best Supplements To Build Muscle Green Tea

Last but not least, there’s the green tea, is without a doubt the best of the types of tea that exist, being able to take in capsules or infusions.

It is ideal for fat burning, has a lot of antioxidants, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and contains caffeine, which helps boost energy levels and accelerate fat burning processes.

Should I Buy Everyone?

A good diet together with a good workout can help us to reach the objectives that we propose, although it is true that the case of each one is different, these are reason why the supplements are very good option to be able to reach the 100% of performance in the day .

Over time, you will realize what are the things with which more battles, so that later you can give you an idea of which are the supplements that you really need.

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