Natural Bodybuilding Workouts

Would You Like To Know About Bodybuilding Routines For Naturals?

In bodybuilding, the main goal is to increase the muscles of our body, so it requires proper nutrition, rest and training.

In the case of “natural” people who practice this activity…

It’s necessary to know the appropriate training routine at the level one has or wants to obtain.

This article is going to be very general, and I will explain the superficial side of each training routine, mentioning positive and negative aspects about them.

In future articles I will go into more detail with each of them, setting examples and ways of structuring each one.

best workout routine for massWhat Is A Hypertrophy Workout Routine?

Hypertrophy is the general increase in the actual size of the skeletal muscle mass; That is, the actual muscle / fiber cells become larger.

Three different categories can be differentiated when it comes to stimulating muscle hypertrophy:

  • Progressive muscle tension overload (Weight Load)
  • Muscle damage (Movement and Technique)
  • Metabolic stress (Sets and Repetitions)

Each of which can play some role in the overall process of stimulating growth. Without taking into account the testosterone that each one has, these factors are the most important.

And, in a workout routine, according to your objectives, you have to keep in mind those factors at the moment of realizing your different exercises.

Which Are The Best Mass Building Workout Routines?

The key in each of the routines mentioned below is to use compound exercises or also known as primary exercises, and these are so called because in a single movement you work various muscle groups at the same time.

bodybuilding routines for beginnersFull-Body

The full-body routine is a type of training in which all muscle groups are trained in the same session at least once. This is considered by many the best bodybuilding routine for beginners.

It is recommended to use free weights (dumbbells and / or weights) instead of machines, because they allow a greater stimulation of the different muscles involved, in addition to the balance that must be had.


  • Ideal for people who do not have much time to train
  • Ideal for inexperienced beginners
  • Equitable development is achieved (usually)
  • Great for gaining strength


  • It is demanding for muscles
  • Bad for people with poor muscle recovery
  • Little specialized
  • False belief of progression

beginning bodybuilding routinePush/Pull

This type of routine is based on exercises where one of the sessions has to be pushed (bench press, dips, squats, etc.) and in the next session you have to pull (deadlift, rows, pull ups).


  • Good balance in the frequency of training of the muscles
  • Allows for more emphasis on lagging areas, and on smaller muscles
  • Allows a good recovery


  • Is more directed towards advanced
  • Can be very demanding of being poorly structured
  • Doesn’t allow to do many exercises in a training session

mass building workout routinesPush/Pull/Legs

Similar to a Push / Pull, but leaving a specific day for legs.

Usually, the day of push, in which we will work exclusively pushing exercises, we mainly involve the pectoral, the shoulder and the triceps.

On the day of pull, we will mainly work the back, the biceps, and the trapeze.

The remaining day would include the leg completely, so we would work the quadriceps, the ischial, and twins.


  • You can make different versions, either more demanding or less
  • The frequency of training is adequate to maintain gains or lose weight
  • By lowering the training frequency, you gain in muscle specialization


  • Is the most effective training frequency is not what works best
  • For the majority of the population
  • Low possibility of gaining muscle

bodybuilding routines for naturalsWeider

If you are starting this bodybuilding routine, this is because your gym instructor assigned it or you already have experience and know the positives and negatives.

There are thousands of variants, you can find routines from 3 days organized in Chest / Biceps – Dorsal / Triceps – Shoulder / Leg to 6 day routines with one muscle group per day.


  • Allows muscular specialization
  • They’re very fun and entertaining to do, because of their variety
  • They’re ¬†very adaptable


  • Many are based on isolated or secondary exercises, ie they only train a muscle
  • Creates more down time as far as muscle growth is concerned
  • It is a routine for advanced, so the beginners could not take advantage of lack of knowledge

best natural bodybuilding workoutsUpper/Lower

Personally I consider it as the best routine to build muscle mass.

Its main feature is to work two days a week upper body area, torso and another two days the lower area, leg, alternating a day of torso with a day of leg.


  • Increased amount of stimulated fibers
  • Large increases in strength
  • Better muscle recovery
  • Less monotonous


  • Less muscular congestion (less muscular pain), which for many means lack of progress, although it is not so
  • It should be structured in the right way
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